What is the Fusion School of Basketball?

This program is ideal for any basketball player looking to learn the game, become a student of the game or stay involved with the game while they are in season with a different sport. This program is also perfect for siblings of team members looking to get involved.


With Registration into the School of Basketball Athletes will receive: ​

>>Complete Player & performance evaluations including & not limited to:

  • Shooting Strength - Mechanics & Arc, range, off the dribble, catch & shoot

  • Dribbling Strength - Use of weak hand, under control, ability to finish

  • Passing & Individual Strength - vision, court sense, catches well, work ethic

  • Defensive Strength - On ball, off the ball, help, recovery, close out, anticipation

  • Overall Strength - Scorer, Rebounder, Defender, Play maker, understands the game

This type of evaluation allows the player to fully understands their areas of strengths and weaknesses now in their current game and what they can do to increase their game effectively going forward. 

>>t-shirt or reversible jersey (depending on which package)

>>personal & small group training opportunities

>>discounts on holiday camps or league registrations

Fusion School of Basketball Athletes will have access to one of the following programs that matches their grade level:

Each of the programs include:

  • basketball IQ 

  • position specific skill work

  • organized pick up games 3v3 , 4v4 & 5v5

  • take home workouts 

>>SPT workouts (Sports Performance Training Workouts) are included with certain packages and will be offered at the following times this fall:

  • Wednesday 6-7p (grades K-2)

  • Wednesdays 7-8p (grades 3-5)

  • Thursdays 6-7p (grades 4-7)

  • Thursdays 7-8p (grades 8+)

Monthly Package Options

*3 month commitment minimum*

Skills n Drills Package - $75/month

  •  T-shirt

  •  1 – 30 min personal training session each month (90 mins total)

  •  Unlimited SPT workouts each month

    • Wednesday 6-7p (grades K-2)

    • Wednesdays 7-8p (grades 3-5)

    • Thursdays 6-7p (grades 4-7)

Warm Up Package - $125/month

  • T-shirt

  • Detailed Player Evaluation

  • Registration to 1 Program – Weekly Classes (Choose 1)

    • Mon’s 7:30-8:30p Small Group Training Grades 6-8

    • Mon's 8:30-9:30p Small Group Training Grades 9 & 10

  • 1 – 45 min personal training session each month (135 mins total)

Work Hard/Play Hard Package - $200/month

  • Warm Up Package (less PT sessions)

  • Unlimited SPT workouts each month

    • Wednesday 6-7p (grades K-2)
    • Thursdays 6-7p (grades 3-5)

    • Thursdays 7-8p (grades 6+)

  • 20% OFF any camp or league registration fee – Does not include AAU team registration**

  • 1 – 60 min personal training session each month (180 mins total)

Gym Rat Package - $300/month

  • Work Hard Play Hard Package (less PT sessions)

  • 3 – 60 min personal training sessions each month (540 mins total)

  • Reversible practice/training jersey

*By committing to 3 months your athlete will have the opportunity to become well-rounded and familiar with the complete game of basketball. This program is designed in a progressive format and becomes more advanced as the athlete improves. 

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