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The opportunity is coming back this coming fall/winter 2022/2023 to get coached by NJ’s top basketball coaches, Coach Frost & Coach Teeigh (no daddy/mommy ball here)!

Fusion School of Basketball will be hosting travel teams this coming winter 2022/2023 for boys grades 5-8 (Competitive 4th graders welcome!). We accept a maximum of 12 athletes/team. We will host tryouts for each age group this November. Athletes should attend both tryouts to be considered for a winter travel team. You must register your athlete prior to tryouts if they are NOT currently participating in our fall pre-season travel program. You do NOT have to register your athlete for tryouts if they are currently participating in our fall pre-season. Your athlete IS still expected to attend both tryouts to be placed on a team.

Winter travel season runs from December – March (12 weeks) and includes:

1 team practice weekly starting 1st week in December 

Practices will run weekly on Thursdays from 7-8:30p at STRC for 5th & 6th grade boys' teams

Practices will run weekly on Thursdays from 7:30-9p at RBMS for 7th & 8th grade boys' teams

1 skills clinic (optional) weekly that will fall on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30p at RBMS for all travel teams **strongly recommended that every attempt be made to attend skills as it is included with registration, but it is optional. You do NOT have to notify us if your athlete cannot attend skills.

1 game weekly beginning in Jan (8 games guaranteed + Playoffs if eligible) Games normally fall on Fridays or Sundays in the winters but cannot be guaranteed

Winter Travel Cost is $500/athlete for new athletes / $450/athlete for returners (must have played on a fusion travel or AAU team in the last year). The cost does not include the $65 uniform fee. 

Winter 22-23 Fusion Boys Travel Tryout Information

Tryout #2 - Tuesday November 15th

Boys Grades 5 & 6 from 7-8p

Boys Grades 7 & 8 from 8-9p

Shrewsbury Twp Rec Center - 1979 Crawford St Eatontown (gym entrance is located on the side of the building)

There is a $40/athlete fee owed for any athlete not currently participating in our fall pre-season. This fee is owed at the time of registration. Register your athlete for winter tryouts.

Tryouts are being held at the 2 different locations listed above. Our tryouts are closed - parents are NOT allowed to sit in on tryouts. We do not own either facility. Start times are specific. Please do not attempt to enter the gym until a fusion coach (Coach Frost or Coach Teeigh) props the door open.

At Fusion School of Basketball, we strive to challenge and offer each student athlete the opportunity to improve their basketball skills and gain game experience. We take pride in developing well-rounded athletes while stressing academics, responsibility, accountability, fundamentals, teamwork, leadership, commitment, work ethic, respect and fair play that can apply both on and off the court. We welcome all serious basketball players who are committed and looking to get better both individually and in a team setting.


Fusion 6 month travel program runs from Sept – March

We place development FIRST and recognize that most athletes we encounter are not being taught proper fundamentals which isn’t giving them a fair chance to compete. We believe any athlete is capable as long as they are dedicated to the process and committed to showing up. We have put a 6-month travel program in place which includes a fall preseason (practice, training & clinics) and winter travel season (practice, skills & games). Upon completion of the fall preseason your athlete will automatically be placed on one of our winter travel teams.

Here are the requirements for making a Fusion winter travel team without having to tryout:

  • Must attend weekly travel practice this fall (Sept-Nov) Tuesday evenings between 6-9p

  • Must attend at least 1 additional fall clinic/week but can attend up to 2 (your choice from skills, infusion workouts, defend to score, get bucketz or small group training)

  • Accepting coach recommendations for your athlete if applicable. The coach may recommend personal training or an additional clinic to help with development this pre-season depending on current skill level.

  • Your athlete must attend a minimum of 2 workouts / week (can attend up to 3/week included with the 6 month program) for the full fall season (10 week) to meet our requirements. Upon completion of our fall preseason your athlete will be placed on a winter travel team appropriate for his skill level. Your athlete will still be required to show up to tryouts as we have to see all of the athletes together but your athlete will automatically have a spot on one of our teams.

Athlete must attend fall clinics on a consistent basis and display attentive behavior in order to complete our fall preseason program. Coaches have the right to deny a spot on a travel team any athlete that doesn’t meet these requirements.


Whats Included?

Fall Preseason 10 weeks

1 travel practice/week at Shrewsbury Twp Rec Center – Travel practice will take place from 7-8:30p on Tuesday evenings starting Tuesday 9/20. Confirm all team practices on the master calendar.

Clinics in the fall will be held Fusion Gym (131 Drs James Parker Blvd Red Bank) or at Shrewsbury Twp Rec (1979 Crawford St, Eatontown) this gym is located 5 mins from Fusion Gym. We are not allowing spectators to sit in at either facility at this time. *Refer to clinic page to see clinic start dates*


Choose up to 2 additional weekly clinics (min 1 clinic required in addition to weekly team practice)

Winter travel season runs from December – March (12 weeks) and includes:

1 team practice weekly starting 1st week in December – Tuesday or Thursday evenings


1 game weekly beginning the 2nd week in Jan (8 games guaranteed + Playoffs if eligible) Games normally fall on Fridays or Sundays in the winters but cannot be guaranteed.


1 skills clinic (optional) weekly that will fall on Wednesday evenings


Fusion Travel (6 months) Program Cost: $750/player

Installment Plan available $300 is due at time of registration/ $500 balance due in 2 installments *CC Authorization Form Required for remaining payments – Contact Coach Frost

Fee includes reversible practice jersey. Fee does not include game uniform. Game uniform is not needed until the winter season and can be ordered directly on our team shop.

Interested in developing your game 1 step further? Add our Personal Training Package for $100/month. This will give your athlete access to schedule 2 (one-hour) private personal training session with 1 of our coaches each month.

Interested in our travel program but can’t commit to the full fall preseason? Sign up for any of our clinics individually and attend our tryouts in November! If your schedule is too busy to attend this fall we will see your athlete at tryouts this November.

Please carefully consider your schedule before registering as there are NO REFUNDS.

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