To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

3rd Annual Winter 3 v 3 League 
Form your OWN team with friends/teammates/family members
Grade Divisions: 4/5th & 6/7th - Boys * Girls * Co-ed Teams accepted**
Only accepting 6 teams/division - Max of 6 ppl/team (includes players & coaches)
Both divisions SOLD OUT!!! Emails will be sent out early this week will FULL INFO!
Current Teams Registered:
6/7th Division Results from 1/23
4/5th Division Results 1/30
6/7th Division Results 2.6
6/7th Division Results 2.20
4/5th Division Results 2.27
Game Results from 3/6
Saturday March 13th Playoff/Championship Schedule 4/5th Division
Covid Waiver Form
Send an email to Coach Frost to get added to the waiting list. Please be sure to include if you are interested in registering a team or individual and which division*                           
We recommend at least 4 players on each team to have allow for at least 1 sub. If you have 4 players on your team you are allowed 2 coaches
League games kick off Saturday January 23rd at Salvation Army (Red Bank, NJ)
Games run Saturday evenings 1/23 - 3/6/21 between 7-9:30p - Teams will ONLY play 3 of the first 6 Saturdays - Teams will play 3 games/night - Each team is guaranteed 9 games
Top 4 teams in each division advance to playoff/championship night 3/6
Games are 18 mins OR 1st team to 21 (Points by 1)
Each team must have at least 1 adult coach on the sidelines. Coach must wear a mask the whole time
Maximum of 6 ppl/team allowed in the gym each week (this # includes players and coaches)
No spectators allowed - All athletes and coaches must wear a mask to enter the gym. Everyone will go through a temperature screen and must hand in a signed covid waiver form. Athletes may remove the mask once it's time for their game to start. The coach must keep their mask on the whole time they are inside. All athletes must wear their mask to leave the gym. If there is time in between your games you have to wait outside. Please wait until your full team and coaches are present before entering the gym. Teams should enter the gym together. Teams are not allowed in the gym until the game before them is done and those athletes have left the gym.

Program Cost

Team Cost = $100 cash/week @ 3 weeks = $300/team 

Payment will be collected on a weekly basis.

No payments being accepted in advance.

Cash is preferred/Venmo is accepted: @Fusion-School

If your athlete has a credit on file with us please email coach frost directly to discuss how this will be applied.

Individual Signup = $35/week/player *we will assign you to a team*

Payment is made each night that your athlete plays.

All teams/players will receive t-shirts

There is a one time team shirt fee of $20/athlete that must be paid prior to the 1st game

Program Rules

Games are 18 mins running clock - Clock stops at 9 min mark for a one minute halftime

Teams get 2 :30 second Timeouts/game

The first team to score 21 pts ends the game OR the team that has the higher score after 18 mins wins the game

Points by 1 regardless of where you score from

Loser gets ball (Loser is the team that doesn't score)

Regulation out of bounds - Shooting Fouls result in 1 shot

Made Shooting Fouls (And 1) results in shooting team getting the ball back

Players foul out with 3 fouls

**Coaches will make sure all equipment is wiped down before, during and after each session. Coaches will have the kids disinfect their hands several times throughout the session. Coaches will wear a mask for the whole session**