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6/7th girls (Coach Frost)
Winter 2021-2022 Roster

Ali Agee

Anna Kileen

Bella Jackson

Cate Divita

Keira Jackson

Leah Starkey

Margot Wickersham

Rebecca Conrad

Skylar Peduto


Important Note Re: Commitment

We expect every athlete to attend every practice and game. Athletes must attend practice to get playing time in games! Any known conflicts for practices or games should be told to the coach immediately. Missed practices are considered unexcused if notified the day of. More than 1 unexcused practice in a season results in immediate removal from the team. We only get around 10 practices for the whole season.


If your athlete is not feeling well, they will need a Dr's note/negative covid test to return. If your athlete is injured enough to have to miss practice, they will need a Dr’s note to return. We do not accept parent diagnosis. We understand that kids get hurt sometimes however we do expect your athlete to still come and sit in on practice even if they cannot participate. We only get 1 practice/week. We cover a lot of information in every practice. 

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