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Sports Performance Training Workouts for HS athletes

Are you a high school athlete Looking for a way to get/stay in shape this summer? We have the perfect 5 week program for you! You will work on your overall skills, conditioning, balance, strength, mental toughness, positional breakdowns (become a more versatile player) AND MORE.

What are SPT Workouts? They are Sports Performance Training Workouts which is an intense workout that incorporates fitness, balance & strength training, basketball conditioning and competitive basketball skills and drills into each 90 minute workout. These workouts include but are not limited to: developing a first step, strengthening legs for hops, foot work & defensive principles, ball handling & shooting techniques and MORE

Who are SPT Workouts ideal for and what does it consist of? HS athletes entering grade 9-12 that are looking for a physical and mental edge on the competition. Each workout will offer a new challenge that will force the athlete to go beyond their comfort zone.


Program Cost

$200/player for all 5 weeks

$45/player /clinic

We are only accepting 8 players total into this program. First come/first serve!!

Athletes entering 9th-12th Grade (Coed)

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